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no615 - Usability


dumbass:u have to make it easy for web designers by not let them customize the application...pre-set everything at default
ctnweb:yeah, but those were project requirements, they have to have flexibility to config all the parameters
(5 minutes later...)
dumbass: did u fix it so no body can customize the input?
ctnweb:NO! (run out of patient for stupidity!!!)
dumbass:do you know how to program? why do you let people config their own requirement? where the fuck do you learn how to program anyway?do i have to do everything for you?fuckit, i am going to rewrite your code.
ctnweb: OK! (wonder if dumbas knows how stupid he is!!!)
(hours later...after dumbass checking on requirement,snipping thru ctnweb's codes, banging keyboard, sweating,swearing and confused)
dumbass: i'm not even going to touch your stupid codes...
ctnweb:so what did you do?
dumbass:i am just going to write a lib for people to customize their requirement with less input.
ctnweb:so you wrote a wrapper over my code?(yeah sure, that was i already did)
dumbass:yeah, that's a better solution to your stupid code.
ctnweb: OK!

ctnweb's original UI section = 10 LOC
dumbass's new solution
-UI section = 
-wrapper class = 50 LOC 
-insulting on ctnweb's coding = 15 minutes
-hours of digging and get lost in ctnweb's 3 tier structure
-designer's config input = -4

ctnweb's last laugh = priceless!!!!!!!!!!